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6 Simple Tips to Declutter Your Wardrobe

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Home Solutions | 4 comments

How often do you find yourself open your wardrobe, stare at the piling clothes, sigh resigned and come to a conclusion that you have nothing to wear? I definitely do. Quite a lot.

Once in a while I get this uncontrollable urge to clean and if I start I just cannot stop. My husband hates it and calls me Monica when I start cleaning. To those of you who have not watched Friends, Monica Geller is a chef  who is extremely competitive and known for her cleanliness and obsessive-compulsive nature. Don’t get me wrong. I hate cleaning. I just hate mess even more. And this year, this feeling of messiness would not leave me even after everything was tidy. Our flat felt cramped. So I started looking into ways to declutter our place and create more “breathing” space.

My wardrobe was the obvious starting point. In the last few years, my weight was shifting significantly, so I ended up replacing my clothes twice a year. I say replace, but what I mean is that I ended up buying more and more clothes and never getting rid of anything. After my last shopping I decided that it was time to do something about it and declutter my wardrobe.

I followed these simple steps to declutter my wardrobe: 

1. If you don’t use it, lose it

I always cycle to work but over the winter months, I switched to public transport to test the impact of cycling on my personal cardio fitness. I have started wearing an HR monitor which I got for Christmas. After starting to commute on my bike again, within only 3 months, my cardio fitness improved from fair to good!

It’s simple in theory, but when you are sitting in front of a pile of clothes, all of them suddenly seem so close to you. First, lose any items that you no longer like or feel comfortable in, any that are no longer the right size. If you don’t want to get rid of them all, at least limit the number you keep.

It is sometimes quite hard to pinpoint when the last time you wore something particular was. To help you figure out whether you actually DO wear something, hang the hangers wrong way round and turn them the right way after you wore what’s on it. Keep doing it for a year and if there are still items on hangers hanging the wrong way round, get rid of those. You clearly don’t need use them.

I always try and find another purpose for the unwanted garments, be it passing them to a friend or family, donating to a charity shop or recycling. (YES! stores like H&M recycle your clothes!)

2. Sort clothes into seasons and store away clothes out of season.

This is such a time and space saver! I hate it when I have to dig through my sweaters to get a strappy top in between them. I use air tight, vacuum bags to store my clothes out of season. This creates room in my wardrobe, that makes my clothes more visible and accessible. No more digging through clothes around in search of my favourite top. I can see it all the time.  Holiday items like a bikini, a hat or kaftans can be kept in a separate box (unless you live in a hot and sunny place of course). Make sure the box it clearly marked so that you can find it with ease.

3. Fold your clothes to make them visible.

Store them vertically rather than horizontally, when using drawers or boxes. This way you will be able to see and easily reach ALL of the items without risking the others to fall out. You can also roll you scarves and place them in a box vertically.

4. Replace your hangers

Slim, matching hangers not only look great but also save you space, making it easier to get things in an out of your wardrobe. I got mine from TK Maxx and Primark. Cheap and cheerful 🙂

5.  Keep your shoes in transparent boxes

This may save you money in the long run too as you will never forget what you have already. I ordered mine at Amazon, they are foldable and stackable which makes it a very convenient way to store away other items too.

6. Add extra shelves to your wardrobe.

Wardrobe organizers are the easiest way to add extra storage to your wardrobe. I got mine at Wilko and I love it. The only downside is that the cardboard shelves tend to bend overtime which doesn’t look great in my opinion but still does excellent job at keeping the clothes nice and tidy.
I hope you found my tips to declutter your wardrobe useful. And tell me, what other tips to keep the wardrobes organized do you have?


  1. Candice|TheBrownEyedMom

    These are excellent tips! I really need to move off-season clothes from our closet. They really do take up so much space!

  2. Haley

    I love these tips for organizing your closet! I use vacuum seal storage bags for my out of season clothes!

  3. Charissa @ thewildwest3

    Oh man, these are great tips, but I am super convicted by numbers 1 and 2. I need to get my act together on those two things desperately!


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