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As I’m required to share this… May be of interest to you, may not… but a must is a must

This website is associated with and may contain affiliate links. Since it is my website, I will only include links to products and services I believe in and would stand for. If you click on the links included (and I hope that you do) I may get a commission (in most cases so insignificant it would not even pay for bus fare, but not always). 

The blog is open to featuring sponsored posts. I have not done it, but who knows, maybe in the future. However, my opinions are mine and I will always express how I truly feel about the products or services I write about regardless of whether I’m being paid for it or not.

 This website is making money from ads you may see around. As much as they can be annoying, I hope they are not too distracting from the content of the blog.

The blog is open to receiving free products, goods in exchange for review and raising brand awareness. If someone wants to send me some free stuff, I will rarely turn it down, however I reserve my right to do so and if I write about it it will be my 100% honest opinion. But as my focus is to spread positive vibes, I will post only about the things I enjoyed/liked.

The blog may be making money in other ways, not mentioned above. As the internet is ever changing, I will do my best to keep up with it but I’m not a techie so these things can take me a moment.


Maria Guerra

Maria Guerra

I’m a working mum, a chocolate lover and a stubborn wife who is finding ways to live  a more fulfilling life.


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