About Missing Hairpin

a blog full of real-life hacks to daily overwhelm.

Why Missing Hairpin?

I like to think of myself as an organised pragmatic with a good sense of humour. In reality, my mind tends to run in so many directions that I lose track of things unless they are in their original place. This goes for anything that I get hold of: keys, pens, glasses, my notebook, my water bottle, or literally anything else. And they reappear in the least obvious places. Hairpins are the worst. They seem to migrate into the land of the lost things on their own and I am sure there is a portal back to earth  somewhere in my pocket as they always end up there at the least expected moments but never when I actually need them. 

So Missing Hairpin expresses my struggle for order and peace of mind, for simplicity and well-being, for a balanced and more fulfilling life.

Personal Stuff

I am a working mum, a chocolate lover and a stubborn wife who is finding ways to live a more fulfilling life. I came up with the idea of writing a blog as a result of my search for ways to utilise my experience to help others. Being a parent can be quite overwhelming and despite all the best intentions from our relatives or friends, not all of their advice is relevant in this day and age. I have felt quite isolated and doubted my motherly instincts after having my daughter nearly 4 years ago and found the support I needed via my local mum groups and children’s day centres. Listening to other people’s concerns, worries, uplifting stories and life lessons, I realised how important it is to know we are not alone in the battles we fight every day.

I’m not an expert at life. I’m just a passionate teacher and a parent and by sharing my successes and failures, I want to give you some real-life hacks to make your busy life just a little bit simpler.

I have worked in many fields and tested many paths in search of happiness. I have lived in different countries and learnt the hard way what it means to rely on myself. But I’ve learnt and that’s the part worth sharing.
I invite you to share your opinions and experiences on my blog. You are unique. Let’s celebrate out similarities and differences together 🙂

Ready, steady…

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